School Holidays Special – Essential Gear Guide

Fancy taking a short trip with your family during the March School Holidays? We have got you covered, regardless of your trip itinerary!

Beach Getaway

Whether you are up for an adventure to explore the underwater world, throw around some frisbees and boomerangs by the beach, or simply relax and enjoy the abundance of Vitamin D, we have all the necessary equipment for a perfect beach holiday!


Road Trip

We know that sometimes all you need is some long stretches of roads, a few good friends and a fun getaway.. to nowhere in particular. Put on some comfy shoes and remember to pack your essentials!


Shopping & Eating

On holidays where you spend 80% of your day walking around hunting down THAT dream dress, you need a good pair of shoes to last longer than your stamina. It is also always wise and handy to keep a foldable bag in your luggage for all the over shopping you know you are going to do.


The Great Outdoors

Cycle or hike through nature to enjoy some of the best views in the region. From Lantau Peak in Hong Kong to Mount Agung in Bali, some of the most therapeutic holidays are best appreciated in their natural state. Be prepared for a good work out and remember to get a sturdy bag to store your barang barang (Malay: belongings).


Share your holidays with us! #DecathlonHolidays

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