Decathlonians Review Decathlon #2


Introduction about yourself and your relationship with the sport

I’m Wai. I started getting more involved with cycling as a form of cross training back in 2009 when I was rowing. I’ve been cycling competitively for about 4 years now.

How was the product tested?

Other than the two to three long rides (3 – 4 hours each) I get in each week, I ride my bike to work. Safe to say I’ve put the B’Twin 700 helmet through some abuse.


Your Experience

Helmet comfort is quite personal. Thankfully, the B’Twin 700 helmet fits my head shape quite well. Ventilation is pretty impressive. Inside padding and helmet strap is easy to wash and surprising durable.


Though not the lightest of helmets, I’m definitely impressed with the B’Twin 700 helmet. It is well-ventilated and looks pro and aero (it’s all about looking good). Not a huge fan of the old school retention system, but it still does the work.

Performance: 8/10

Chio* Factor: 9/10

Price: 10/10

*Chio: Singlish term to mean very pretty/beautiful.

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