Decathlon Stores – The Pokemon Go Guide

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past weeks, you would know that Pokemon Go has officially taken over the world. All we can now think about is finally catching a Dragonite and escaping all the Rattatas of this world. Our legs have been getting a serious work out, and our fitness regime has definitely been kicked up a notch with the release of the game.

As Pokemon hunters we’re always on the lookout for Pokemon hotspots, and luckily for us, both our stores are piping hot spots! Regular sightings of Machop and Meowth should be enough to want anyone to give our stores a visit.

If you plan on making the trip down, check out our store guide below so you’re 100% prepared!


Bedok Pokestops & Lures
4 Pokestops

As Decathlon Bedok is located within Viva Business Park, this location is never short of a lure. During peak hours such as lunch as many as 3 lures are commonly activated.

1 Gym

Rare Pokemon

This area is not short of uncommon Pokemon such as Meowth, Staryu, Pinsir, and Raticate. For rare Pokemon you can look out for Blastoise, Venosaur, Vulpix, Machop and Dragonite – all Pokemon that have been spotted by the Decathlon staff. One of our staff members even caught a Machop inside our fitness department (how fitting).

City Square Mall

CSM Pokestops & Lures
2 Pokestops

City Square Mall regular mall traffic ensures that there’s always a lure activated. Weekends and after work are regular mall peak periods, which will directly affect when the lures will be activated.

0 Gyms

Rare Pokemon
The uncommon Pokemon that frequent this area are Pinsir and Magnemite, with the latter not being a usual Pokemon for most areas. As for rare Pokemon trainer will be thrilled to hear that City Square Mall is one of the few areas in Singapore where you can catch Porygon.

General Tips

Level up 2 times faster

  1. Catch as many Pidgeys, Caterpies and Weedles as you can.
  2. Use Lucky Egg (this gives you double XP for 30min).
  3. Level up all the Pokemon listed above (they only need 12 candies to evolve).
  4. Normal evolution gives you 500XP, and now you get 1000XP.

How to choose your Eevee’s evolution
Rename your Eevee:

  1. Sparky for Jolteon
  2. Rainer for Vaporeon
  3. Pyro for Flareon

Save room for Pokeballs
Get rid of revives and health potions to make more room for pokeballs.

Hunt rare Pokemon more efficiently
Download the app GoRadar for a map over Singapore and where to find rare Pokemon. It’ll show you when specific Pokemon are available in a specific area and for how long.

Increase your catch rate
When you’re catching Pokemon make sure you aim inside the shrinking green/orange circle. The smaller the circle – the higher the chance of catching. If you manage to hit correctly the app will tell you “great/nice/excellent”.

How to choose Pikachu as your starter Pokemon
Walk away from the 3 normal starter Pokemon multiple times. Eventually you’ll find Pikachu.

Be stingy with your candies and stardust
When you first start playing you might feel tempted to use up all your stardust and candies straight away. However, as you level up so will the Pokemon you encounter. No point in wasting all your stardust to level up a Pinsir, only to find one with 300 higher CP a few hours later.

As a little bonus, check out the Pokemon Go Bingo we created your all you trainers out there. Any boxes you can tick off?

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