Riding With Geonaute

Did you know?

Decathlon has a passion brand, Geonaute, dedicated to sports electronics, as we are deeply interested about the wholesome sports experience, which includes sharing these experiences with others through reliving them in videos or photos.

Today we bring you a short clip of some of our biker boys having some fun on a road trip to Kukup, Malaysia. The video is shot entirely on the Geonaute G-Eye 700 Camera.



VIDEO: FULL HD 1080p up to 60 frames per second.
PHOTO: 16 million pixels

Watertight camera up to 1 m without watertight box (no box with the G-EYE 700)
Built-in touchscreen for better centring and viewing of images.
WIFI for controlling the camera with a smartphone or a remote (ref: 8363342)
Up to 4h (wifi disabled)
Compatible with all DECATHLON CO-NECT and GoPro fastening accessories..
Weight: 131 g
Mini USB port: charging, transferring images, Mini HDMI Port : HD TV
G-Eye 700 Full HD Sports Camera with Touchscreen. | Geonaute Google Chrome, Today at 2.29.01 PM.png
Just for some of you who might be wondering how this compares with the GoPro, here’s a video to show that the quality of our action cameras are really good too 🙂








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